DOM PERIGNON was de eerste cuvée de prestige.

Dom Pérignon is altijd een vintagechampagne, een millésimé, en wordt alleen in zeer geslaagde jaren geproduceerd

Elke Vintage is onderscheidend en belichaamt de kracht van de creatie 

De kracht van de unieke creatie prikkelen de geest en zintuigen.

Dom Pérignon P2, the art of transformation

1- Extra-time of maturation on the lees:

Once the first plenitude is reached, the Dom Pérignon P2 bottles are turned upside down (mise en masse) for extra-maturation on the lees.

2- Constant monitoring by the chef de cave:

The wines are regularly tasted by the Chef de cave and the Dom Pérignon Oenologists  to follow the stages of evolution of the wines and  determine the perfect time for disgorgement.

3- Taylor-made dosage:

The dosage is adapted to the singularity of each Dom Pérignon P2 Vintage

à P2 is the result of  an average of 16 years of elaboration:

From  vineyard to release, each bottle of Dom Pérignon P2 requires an average of 16 years of work.


* Few grapes burnt by the sun  with the spectacular heat of August.

* Two gray and rainy weeks followed  in September.

Miraculous spell of good weather after that, allowing a great harvest (started in September 21st) with ripe and healthy grapes


* The wine has an intense, full and radiant bouquet.

* Notes of honeysuckle, orange colored fruits and hints of iodine sensations.


* The creamy chewiness characterizing the vintage is channeled in a direction that is edgy yet embracing with a wave of aromatic persistence.

* Smoky, biting and full energy finish balances it all out.

Time of elaboration: 16 years.



Dom Pérignon P2 Vintage 1998

Even geduld a.u.b.